Where are you, right now?

“Is everybody in?
The ceremony is about to begin…”
-Jim Morrison

Anything can serve as a personal gateway to the spiritual.  For me, it was solitude and loneliness.  Solitude and loneliness gave way to poetry.  Poetry took the “sins of my past” and set them ablaze on the altar of emotion.  And when there was nothing left but ashes, Spirit crept in like a gentle breeze and swept them all away.

We live in a world of seemingly apparent contradictions.  At the very core of our being, we are all one, yet the illusion of separateness is so deeply ingrained that one being cannot fully comprehend the viewpoint of another.  

Even the very idea of this separates the thinker  from the source, and struggles for words to describe that which is beyond their limited dominion. It is as if we have drawn a picture of a cube on a piece of paper, and then attributed to that representation of the cube all the properties the cube itself possesses.   We have forgotten that it is merely the illusion of three dimensions expressed within the limits of two.  And while the concept might be carried forth, the nature of the object in question is merely implied.

The more one struggles with this dilemma, the more frustrated one becomes until, throwing aside all hope of resolution, one abandons the struggle all together, and silence rises up to fill the void.  Not a bitter silence born of failure, but a deep and quiet stillness born of acceptance – where there is no “one” and failure is an impossibility. 

Here the heart breaks open.

Here the mind falls silent.

Here the dark and broken path becomes the Good Red Road.

Here the ego falls away and the all-encompassing and immortal Self is revealed.

Here true stewardship of the whole of creation begins.

We in the West have come to accept man’s place in the universe as the “measure of all things”.  We have ounce-d, meter-ed  and gallon-ed everything that falls within the scope of our physical existence.  We’ve sent robotic extensions of our senses into the depths of the world’s oceans,  the vast reaches of space, and even into the gulfs between subatomic particles.  We have analyzed and conjectured, theorized and debated, and still we continue to search for that which cannot be found. 

Descartes has told us “I THINK, therefore I AM”.  I put it to you that the internal flaw of this statement is one of emphasis.  Here, the ego confirms its existence by its ability to verify its own responses to the physical world around it.  What is in fact being said here is “I think, therefore I am”.  And while thinking, and experimentation, and theory and debate are all useful tools in the quest to understand the physical, they fall inarguably short of  grasping the underlying “truths” of the spiritual. They are in fact, simply expressions of it.  

The rose may express the concept of the seed, but what does the seed express?


6 Responses to “Where are you, right now?”

  1. Your ability to express yourself never ceases to amaze me. I Love you Ben!


  2. So, a statement of identity rather than simply of existence? I like that; it feels right.

    (Thanks for the link, by the way!)


  3. Thank you.

    Those words, quoted so often during the extent of a Jesuit education, really do seem to be the underpinnings of an ego-based society…


  4. I guess in order for there to be a soul to be saved and rewarded and seated next to God in Heaven, that soul has to be differentiated and cut off from the whole first. Maybe that’s the root difference between Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy.


  5. Sure. If God is “out there”, and man is separate from all his creations, even put here to dominate them, then true reconciliation is only possible once one leaves this places, and returns to his Father’s house.

    On the other hand, if one is never truly separated from the creator, then one’s actions spawn reactions that become part of the creative process – and one experiences, and is responsible for, the results of those actions.


  6. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up


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