The heart of the matter. . .

“Work is love made visible.”
-Khlil Gibran

Tonight I am overcome with love.  Not that unusual, considering that today is Valentine’s Day.  But it’s not romantic love about which I’m writing.  For although that particular type of love has lately come to play an important role in my life, I’m taken by another kind of love which, although at its core certainly must be related, expresses itself as something else entirely.

I was blessed this evening to find myself offering healing work to an animal – a 13 year-old dog to be exact.  The circumstances of the work I’ll not go into here; those are solely between myself and the family.  But what I feel I am permitted to discuss is the love I witnessed originating in the spirit world, and manifesting itself in the physical.

Before we started, the dog found a spot near the center of the floor.  She remained there during the preparations.  While I was honoring the spirits of the South, and asking Coyote to help with one of his own, I was immediately aware of a chorus of howls behind me in the North.  One of the other people present works with Brother Wolf, and so I understood the reason for the howling.  Immediately afterwards the dog, who’d remained relatively still until that moment, got to her feet, walked to the Northern side of the room, and lay down.  There she stayed for the remainder of the ceremony.  As I finished calling in the spirits and sat down on the floor beside her, I sensed the presence of two large silver wolves guarding her head and flank.  “The pack takes care of its own,” was the message.

After the healing work concluded, she rolled back over and graciously accepted our physical attention.  She briefly made eye contact with each of us, signaling her understanding that the work we’d done was entirely in her best interest.  And while it may be easy to attribute human expression to the glances of an animal some would argue incapable of such things, her eyes conveyed a look of gratitude I’ve rarely seen even among the most kindhearted of us two-leggeds.

It’s hard to say what my intentions are in writing this.  Certainly they are not to focus upon myself.  But tonight’s work touched me in a very deep way, and illustrated yet again the love that’s available to each of us if we but open ourselves completely to it. 

At times this path may seem difficult and strange.  It’s often easy to stumble and lose one’s way. During these times it’s best to remember that love is always there, a light in the window, waiting to welcome us home. . .


2 Responses to “The heart of the matter. . .”

  1. I haven’t had many opportunities to do work for animals, but they were all powerful and memorable experiences. I’m a cat person, so it’s no great surprise that most of my animal work has been with cats — or, knowing the kind of on-the-edge lives cats live, that a fair amount of it has been (or ended up as) helping them die gently and with dignity. They were teachers at those times, and the combination of gratitude and mourning I felt has stayed with me for many years. And the gift I’ve been granted in return? I’ve only had four cats in my life; the first lived 20 years, the second 17, and I currently have two.


  2. If last night was any indication of what animal work is like on the whole, it’s a very rewarding endeavour. It was amazing to work with a patient who had absolutely no defenses in place. This animal was so open to the healing, that the whole process took less than half an hour.

    I, too, am a cat person (although I’ve had a variety of animals ranging from dogs to salt water fish). My first and second were with me for 19 and 17 years respectively, and I currently have a year-and-a-half old stray I took in last July. . .


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