…and I am a circle.

“All my life’s a circle;
Sunrise and sundown;
Moon rolls thru the nighttime;
Till the daybreak comes around.

All my life’s a circle;
But I can’t tell you why;
Season’s spinning round again;
The years keep rollin’ by.”


 – Harry Chapin

While preparing for this evening’s Medicine Wheel ceremony, I was moved to extend to you all the blessings of the seven directions.  To invite you to dance with us through the blessed hoop of creation, and beyond to depths of the Earth, the infinite vastness of the Sky, and to the sacred Silence within. 

And so let us come together in honor of our community, in humility before the Great Spirit, and in love for our fellow beings.

Spirits of the East.  The place of the rising sun, the new born child, of springtime and newly discovered dreams.  Mother Hawk.  Gold Eagle.  You who soar on wings of vision and teach us to see what lies before us as we walk this good red road.  Bring us your vision. Teach us to see beyond the borders of color, country and self.  Bring us direction in these times of upheaval.  Show us what we must do for the greatest good of all our relations. 


Spirits of the South.  The place where the sun stands highest in the sky, and we stand rooted in our own shadow.  Here is the warmth of summertime, of passion, and adolescent love.  And here, too, we find the darker forces of rage, anger, and confusion.  Grandfather Coyote, jumping mouse, all you trickster animals, here we call out to you to trip us up and to bring those darker parts of ourselves into the light that we may see ourselves as we truly are, and embrace these things with love, as we would a wayward child.  Teach us humility, Spirits of the South, that we may empty ourselves of ego and become vessels of Spirit’s love and wisdom for the greatest good of all our relations.


 Spirits of the West.  The direction of the setting sun.  The place of autumn.  The place of the adult, and of sacred work.  Mother Bear, groundhog. All you who withdraw into the Earth and wrap yourself within the comfort of her womb only to rise again reborn, renewed in the fresh air of another springtime.  Bring your healing energies into us that they may pour out into this world where they are sorely needed.  Guide us along this sacred path.  Help us to work in a way that is good and humble, compassionate and loving.  And always for the greatest good of all our relations.


Spirits of the North.  The place where the White Giant sleeps.  The time of winter, and of eating what we have planted.  Here we gain the benefits of our work.  Here we pray for our dead.  White Buffalo, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, we call out to you now for your wisdom.  We come to you humbly, seeking your guidance in this our time of need.  You who have crossed over to sit at the fires of the elders, you who share their stories and your own, we ask that you share them now with us.  Teach us what we must do as we walk this difficult path, that we may do so for the greatest good of all our relations.


Father Sky.  You who watch, proud and noble above us.  You who bring us the good, strong masculine energy and teach us to act as the lightning does – swiftly, directly and without fear.  Be with us this day as we walk this good red road.  Teach us to be powerful, and to find within ourselves the strength we need to live our lives for the greatest good of all our relations.


Mother Earth.  Beautiful Pachamama.  You who bring us the  sweet, soft feminine energy of compassion, healing and growth.  Teach us to be open to the will of the Creator, as you are to the rains which fall upon your face.  Teach us to bend when we must, and to receive all with compassion and humility.  Teach us to be open and loving, that all we do, we do for the greatest good of all our relations.


Spirits Within.  The sacred silence wherein the Great Spirit speaks to us.  Help us to stand strong within that quiet place.  To listen for the words of the Creator, and to carry those words with us into the noise of our existence.  May that sacred silence offer us a firm place to stand amid the torrents of empty confusion, echoing around us.  That from this place of calm retreat we may bring forth the blessings of the Creator for the greatest good of all our relations.


And so Great Spirit, I thank you for the chance to come before you this day and open this sacred circle, this blessed hoop of life.  Shine your light upon these beautiful spirit warriors who stand humbly, waiting to receive it.  That they may walk this path in service to you, and all our relations.



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