The incredible lightness of Be-ing. . .

“Shine on, you crazy diamond.”
Pink Floyd

All the trees have fallen asleep because no one here ever stops to speak to them.  You can’t make eye contact with a stranger, but you can reach out with your soul.

On Saturday afternoon, we purified the Earth; danced in a meadow of stars until Father Sun and Mother Moon embraced, and a torrent of love rained down upon the planet.  The four colors of Man danced around us; chanting wildly and wrapping us in Buffalo.  We sat with our backs to the fire, graciously accepting their gifts, and soaking in the beauty of their smiles.

The whole thing has left me feeling rather joyous and kind of giddy – and Pachamama’s radiating a lighter beauty wherever I look.  The masks have fallen away, revealing a glimpse of the sentient Love beneath them.  God is literally everywhere; and even the garbage in the streets cries out, “Hallelujah!”

As friends and family disappear, and the things we once cherished drift away like smoke upon the wind, it’s important to remember that the balloon rises only after the ballast has been cut away.  Understanding this is only the first step.  Accepting it sets us firmly upon the path.  Thanking Spirit for the gift of it brings us to the end of that particular journey, only to place us at the threshold of another.

This is why we walk this Good Red Road.  This is why we dance for entire weekends without food or water.  This is why we shake the rattle.  This is why we bang the drum.  This is why we stumble through the dark nights of our souls and know, even as we step forward into the light of a new and sacred springtime, that it couldn’t have happened any other way. . .


2 Responses to “The incredible lightness of Be-ing. . .”

  1. Beautifully put Ben. it was a honor to work with you this weekend.


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