7/21 . . .

Tomorrow afternoon I step into the arbor.  I open myself up to Wakan Tanka and dance for the healing of the waters of the Earth.  There are no words to describe the way I feel.

On Saturday afternoon, I heard the voices of a thousand Elder Trees welcome their little brother as we placed him at the center of the circle.  I, too, joined their song, merging with the younger one as the water of life splashed across our roots. 

Our voice was weak at first – unsure of its place in the symphony.  Then, as a hush fell around the fringes of the field, our song rang clear across the crowded circle, only to be rejoined by those who stood in loving awe at its edges – a gift from Pachamama.

As our roots settled deeply into freshly hewn soil, we felt ourselves synch with the grid of life.  Water up; sunlight down; silence in the center.  Flames of energy burst forth, stripping away our physical form, reworking us into a flaming beacon of silver.

And even the wind rushed in to join the dance. . .


2 Responses to “7/21 . . .”

  1. Lovely! So evocative!


  2. It was an incredible experience. This path carries with it many blessings.


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