Breaking ground. . .

A bit small perhaps, and planted much too late, scrappy, sun-tinged seedlings give rise to cantaloupes no bigger than the palm of my hand.  Hidden among leaves five times its size, a fine mottling of green betrays a watermelon as large as an average thumb nail.

There is joy in tilling the Earth.

I recently came to know Her more intimately as my mother than ever before.  She cradled me in the space between dances in the arbor, and gently reached out for me as I fell.  She held me in my visions, and accepted my gratitude at the water ceremony on Sunday morning.

Love her with everything you are.  Pray that all may come to do the same.

There is joy in tilling the Earth. . .


8 Responses to “Breaking ground. . .”

  1. I agree that there is joy in tilling the earth! I have been eagerly watching a mango seed for signs of sprouting for a week now. I am looking forward to planting the sprout in the earth. If all goes well, I should have a baby mango tree in about 4 weeks. It’s a simple pleasure, but I do find joy in tending my little mango seed. And I feel much happier nurturing that little seed than I would if I was watching the news.


  2. Awesome! You have to let me know how it works out – and pictures are always welcome.

    My fiance and I rescued the plants in our garden from a friend of hers who didn’t have room for them at his place. To see them putting out fruit after looking like they wouldn’t last another week is truly an amazing thing.

    We started kimd of late this time around, but we plan on going the square foot garden route next year. Even so, it’s really rewarding just to see things sprouting from the buckets in the back yard. . .


  3. Ahhh…it is this new birth that has shown me the joy of tilling the ground. At what seemed like 150 degree heat, the tilling was not feeling all that joyful. Fortunately, you did most of the tough part while I get to see what the water, sunshine and a little prayer does for your efforts. It’s magical to watch each plant reach for the sun while sending its roots deeper into the Earth.

    Thank you Ben, for reminding me how important it is to return all the love we get from Mother Earth and finding joy along the way.

    I love you!


  4. And this from a girl who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. 😉

    Love you, too.


  5. Yes, so much joy comes from connecting to the growing season: tending plants and earth! If we are lucky and careful we get to eat the fruits of our labors. Just now, we are having the first tomatoes and cucumbers. Traditionally, First Nations peoples have given thanks for the first fruits of each part of the season. I think the ancestors still enjoy sharing the harvest. I hope you enjoy it as well!


  6. And I wish you joy with yours as well!

    It’s truly amazing watching this new life spring from the ground even as the seeds that were planted during the dance begin to stir. I sense a strong connection here. New life springing forth from old soil, the fruits of sacred and difficult work that come like a gentle breeze after the storm that washes everything away.

    What a wonderful process to be a part of…


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