8/11. . .

Planted tiger lilies last Sunday afternoon.  They were a long time favorite of my mother, who made her transition two years ago this past July.  After placing the flowers into the sandy soil and surrounding them with a ring of stones, I set a small pebble on the ground nearby.

My fiancé suggested we plant them in a highly visible spot so that she could see them first thing whenever she looked at the yard.  The irony of that statement struck me, as my mother was not a woman who received a great deal of public recognition in her life, even though she spent quite a bit of it in the service of others.

Council woman, ambulance crew chaplain, mother, wife, friend, teacher, volunteer; these were some of the roles she fulfilled, and she brought to them a sense of love and dedication.  She took each of them seriously, but not without a laugh every now and then.  And even though she often seemed to find herself at the helm of an endeavor, it was because of her devotion and desire to serve, and not from some inborn need for self-promotion.

It was in keeping with that aspect of her personality that I placed the small pebble near the lilies.  A simple gesture, honoring a simple woman. .  .


3 Responses to “8/11. . .”

  1. Kelly Lindstrom Says:

    I’m happy that you planted the flowers for her. I know she feels our love and is fueling the successes in our lives. Especially your finding Marie.


  2. Thanks, Kell.

    Knowing how she always had a hand in things, it wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Kelly. I’m glad I am getting to know her thru the stories you & Ben share with me. I’m grateful to be part of this family.


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