Like they do in Babylon. . .

“You’ll see a woman
hanging upside down
her features covered by her fallen gown
and all the lousy little poets
coming round
tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
and the white man dancin’. . .”

–Leonard Cohen

Children of Babylon, what times are these when a father turns to pimping his child for the sake of our enjoyment? 

How can we look upon this with disgust when we ourselves have demanded it?

We demand that teenage girls swallow their fingers after every meal. We demand that “average” women shoot themselves full of plastic, lay themselves completely open to the whim of our masturbatory fantasies, and criticize them simply because they do so.

We are the ones who feed the machine that spawns these things in order to fill the ever-widening hole that is our ego.

How many of us can turn our backs on the monster?

Like some archaic deep-sea predator that lures its victims with bioluminescent trickery, it draws us in with flashing lights and glimpses of skin to ply our simian brain and blind our higher consciousness.   Only as its jaws snap shut around the unsuspecting members of the school do the rest of us realize the true nature of our mistake.  We escape, while the deluded majority plunges headlong, smiling and slathering, into the belly of the very beast that devours them.

As soon as any one of us picks up a drum or a rattle, converses with a tree, walks away from the shelter of the conventional life he or she has known and places their feet upon the Good Red Road, we open a door that leads to a path away from the shadows and deception and into the all-encompassing light of truth.

It is not an easy life.  It requires the casting off of old habits, close friends, and even at times, family members.  While we still may carry their memories in our hearts, we must remove their baggage from our backs.

Ours is a pathway strewn with the husks of shattered paradigms. How many of us have the courage to walk it completely?

The image used in this blog was taken from the video: The Entertainment Industry Exposed.


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