Wand’ring allowed. . .

On my left arm a Spirit promise, answered.  My thoughts wander from time to time, but my heart is pure and strong.

Today I go for a walk along the river; polk sallet, dandelion and thistle – elder berries bursting with the blood of autumn.  Brother Wolf is happy for the diversion, and his breath hisses deeply through my nostrils.

Along the trail I stop and face a western branch of the path.  Grandfather Bear rises there to greet me.  I offer a pinch of tobacco, and he turns, silently nods and walks away.

There is little writing these days, but more awareness. Partying has given way to contemplation.  In the quiet places of life I find security – among the chaos, a languid river of peace.

These are the places to which this path has taken me.

I walk daily with Wolf and Porcupine, dance with Bear, traverse the sky with Eagle.  Leopard’s heart beats within my chest, and Coyote smiles, looking on from the shadows.

Grandfather swims in the lifeblood of everything; universal consciousness manifesting itself in twig and stone.  The intricate spirals marking the pads of my fingers are the pathways coursed by the flow of divine energy; the laughter of children, the music of creation. . .


One Response to “Wand’ring allowed. . .”

  1. Michael Melville Says:

    Here is the soul of our ancestors, living and breathing and seeing the world the way they saw it. Continue to walk in balance and show others the way.


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