Reflections. . .

“Father Bear is still asleep
And will be so for several weeks.”


And so we come to the end of another cycle – another journey around the Medicine Wheel – to find ourselves in the place where the White Giant sleeps.

Here in the North, we welcome the determined energy of White Buffalo, the silent and sacred wisdom of Brother Wolf.  In this place of cold and dark, we take the time to remember our Ancestors; to honor our teachers; to pray for our dead.

We have gathered in the harvest, and now we settle in and consume.  Mother Bear teaches us to retreat to our dens; to live off our own resources.  We have grown fat with the light of Spirit, and now we take that light within ourselves, nourishing and healing us that we may do the same for others when Grandfather lifts the white blanket to reveal the delicate shoots of a fresh new spring.

Already the night begins to shorten.  Already the sun creeps earlier into the sky.  We take the time to review the passing year, gratefully aware that the turning of the Life Wheel brings us ever eastward, where vision comes, and life begins anew. . .


2 Responses to “Reflections. . .”

  1. Lovely! So well put. Ah, just to hibernate…..


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