Voices in the sky. . .

“Nightingale, hovering high
Harmonize the wind
Darkness, your symphony
I can hear you sing
Of voices in the sky”

-The Moody Blues

It’s ten minutes to four.  I’m awake simply because I’ve no further need for sleeping.  I’m out in the back yard standing by the garden in the pre-dawn humidity.  It feels good to be among green things.  I feel their energy, and I am keenly aware of their growing.

Just beyond the garden, a single small boulder marks the center of what will be our medicine wheel.  It lends a purpose to the space; makes it sacred.  The stone is rather plain, but commands attention.  It is shaped like the head of a bear, its snout pointed towards the west. I enter the space.  The freshly cut grass feels good beneath my feet, and I am immediately in the presence of something powerful and familiar.

Turning eastward, I raise my hands to the sky and ask, “What would you have me do today, Great Spirit?”

A single word comes back to me on the wind:


The voice fades; mingles with the distant songs of morning birds, the mechanical growl of an automobile engine.  The neighborhood it seems, is waking up…


6 Responses to “Voices in the sky. . .”

  1. Hugh LaPenotiere Says:

    Ben, my friend, I rejoice in the resonance of your words within my heart. I miss you.


  2. Thanks, Hugh. So good to hear from you. Hope all’s well. Any thoughts on getting up to Eddie’s again for a sweat?


  3. michael Says:


    I honor your early awakening!

    Time in the garden sounds delicious. We are putting in raised beds, so are late in getting plants in this year. Still, the garden feels a sacred place, and in a few weeks will be thriving and green. And yes, it is so good to rejoice!


  4. Hugh LaPenotiere Says:

    Ben, I miss traveling to Eddie’s for a sweat, but unfortunately I have been having health issues that are exasperated by exposure to smoke. I’m sure there are valuable lessons for me in this experience and when the time is right I will be able to attend the sacred ceremony again.


  5. I hope that time comes soon, Hugh. It would be great to see you again. Sending healing prayers your way.


  6. What a wonderful start to a day. Thank you for sharing.


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