Ripples. . .

“These prayers go into the center, and out to the Universe.  They resonate forever amongst the Heavens and the stars, and return to bless us all.”

-Sweat lodge prayer

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the interconnectedness of things – about how every action, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, reaches out and affects everything it comes in contact with; which in turn affects everything IT comes in contact with, and so forth.

Recently, a young woman came to us at the studio.  She was quiet, introspective, and seemed uncomfortable with the idea of sharing during the Journeying Circle and Medicine Wheel ceremonies she attended.

Shortly after her first appearance at the studio, she gifted my fiancé and me with beautiful pictures she’d drawn on photographic paper with permanent marker.  Both pictures were bright, colorful, and powerful in their simplicity.  My fiancé framed hers and displays it in our altar room where she practices Reiki.  Mine travels with me and claims a space on my portable altar.

We gave this young woman several boxes of pre-cut photo paper we had at the house.  It was old, and sitting in a cabinet, and could obviously be put to much better use.  A couple of weeks later, we received an e-mail from her stating that she had her art materials laying around at work, and so she started doodling pictures for her cube-mates (40 in all with about 50 more to go, she said).  She told us that everyone who received the pictures hung them in their cubes, and that the office was becoming a much brighter place because of it.

She ended the e-mail by saying how wonderful it was to be drawing again, and she wanted us to see “how far the dominoes had fallen”.

This experience illustrates for me the effects our actions can have.  When Michael Harner conducted his fieldwork among the Shuar in the 1950’s, he had no way of anticipating that an as yet unknown student of his would pass his teachings on to me, and that these teachings would inspire a young woman to use her gifts to brighten an otherwise dreary portion of this world.

In matters like this, we are simply vessels. Spirit, through the teachings of our elders, fills us and spills out over the sides, creating ripples throughout the entirety of creation. . .


2 Responses to “Ripples. . .”

  1. It’s wonderful that you were able to follow the ripple of one of your actions and see the connections. Most times all we have to go on is faith. But there are times spirit lets us see and it is awesome.


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