. . .within wheels

“Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending on beginning
On an ever-spinning reel”

“Windmills of Your Mind”
-Alan & Marilyn Bergman

While reading a blog I subscribe to this morning, I was motivated to post an observation of my own. At 9:04am – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on Friday, September 23, 2011, the Autumnal Equinox will occur. On the Medicine Wheel, autumn stands in the direction of the West. It is the place of the setting sun, of the adult stage of our lives, of physical healing, and of work. This year, as we enter the domain of Mother Bear, I find these descriptions especially fitting when applied to my own life.

As I write this, my wedding date is only a month away. Tomorrow, we’re going for the licenses and meeting with Grandfather Eddie, the Elder who’ll perform the ceremony in the Medicine Wheel on his property. Married life, and its necessary responsibilities, is just around the corner.

At work, I’ve recently moved from my old office (a loud, energetic and vibrant place, filled with the Coyote energies of the South) to a colder, quieter, and more work-intensive cubicle. Here, the pace is slower – the environment, almost introverted.

And just yesterday, I placed the grandfathers in our back yard in preparation for our own Medicine Wheel, which we hope will become a place of healing and energetic center for our spiritual community. In a few short weeks, we’ll gather together to share a feast and activate the Wheel. Grandfather Eddie will bless our gathering with a sacred pipe ceremony. We’ll join hands and offer our prayers to the Creator, each of us taking his or her place upon the Wheel.

It is a time of changes. Old habits, places and friends not visited for several years fall away like dying leaves, while newer ones draw ever closer, bringing with them their own energetic requirements and additional responsibilities.

The winds of this season shake the branches of our lives. They teach us to let go of the past in order that new and greener life might unfold. . .


2 Responses to “. . .within wheels”

  1. It is heartwarming to be pinged! Thank you.

    I am reminded, reading your post, the Medicine Wheel is a very local piece of the universal. The directions change meaning and attributes, taking on the character of the locales in which they live and are used. Yet the overarching symbolism of he Great Wheel of Life remains profoundly meaningful.

    I look forward to reading about your new life, as a married man, and a keeper of the Wheel. May this new life be a blessed one.


  2. Thank you, Michael for your words…both kind and, as always, inspiring…


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