Smoke and Mirrors. . .

“There’s something happening here.
What it is ain’t exactly clear…”

-Buffalo Springfield

I was talking last night with a brother of mine I discovered along the way about the fact that lately I’ve been feeling completely exhausted.  The strange thing is, I’m also aware of having a lot more energy.  “That’s a great observation,” he said.  “You’re congested.  You’ve got to find a way to release some of that energy – to let it flow through you.  It’s why so many healers are often sick.”

The spiritual path is one that often leads to places of apparent opposition.  Even now, I find myself motivated to write, yet I’m aware of having nothing specific to say.

What’s interesting is that this also reflects something else we spoke about last night.   Corey is a Pranic healer, and for the last few months has been trying to establish his practice.  Recently, however, he turned his attention simply to showing up and being of service.  He told me how his life had suddenly changed.  He’s been drumming regularly at Kirtans, has been promoted out of the blue at his day job, and is remodeling his home for the purpose of renting it out.  “I don’t know when it’s going to happen,” he said, “but I know I’m going to move, and I know I’m going to be renting this place out.”

We talked at great length about how although the number of people we’ve been working with seems to be dwindling; the work itself is becoming more intense. I mentioned the drastic changes I’d observed in the last few patients I’d worked with, and how physically and spiritually grueling their sessions had been. “We’re moving on,” he observed.  “We’re vibrating at a much higher level.  The number of people who are ready to work at that level is small, but those who do receive greater benefits from it.”

I was dumbfounded by the clarity of this statement.

For months now I’ve been aware of an increasing level of energy within myself.  At the same time, I have also been aware of a complete lack of direction for this energy.  “Maybe it’s an incubation period,” Corey observed.  “Maybe this is your time to lay low and work on yourself.”

If we are in fact the physical gateway through which the Creator’s divine energy manifests itself into this world, then last night’s conversation came from a much higher source than the heart and mind of a respected friend and brother – and these words are simply ripples of that energy. Where they will flow, what they will influence, perhaps even Great Spirit can’t say for sure.  But as Corey so astutely observed during our conversation last night, “You have no way of knowing the impact your presence has on the people around you. . .” 


2 Responses to “Smoke and Mirrors. . .”

  1. Bee Smith Says:

    This really resonates. It does appear to be a very liminal time – where there is both exhaustion and great energy. That has been characteristic of 2011 for me. Psychically, I think that we are all preparing to ‘move’- whether physically, emotionally or spiritually -in preparation for the transformative energies that are being touted for 2012. Like your colleague I have had discernments that we need to prepare for changes even though we have no idea exactly how and when they will manifest. It is a sense of collective expectancy.


    • That’s true, Bee. I’m seeing it more and more wherever I go. Pepole getting knocked out by physical work, yet harnessing seemingly unlimited energy for healing and other spiritually related work.


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