Mother Earth / Father Sky. . .

Photograph by Angel Gisondi

“So let’s make our steps clear that the other may see”

“If I should Fall Behind”

-Bruce Springsteen

“Sacred relationships…are a bitch,” he said; the laughing one – a child of Coyote.  This was accompanied by a mischievous grin, a twinkling eye, and an offer of advice if my wife of less than two months and I should ever hit a rough patch.

We’d gathered together in the small but welcoming one-room building for a potluck after a sweat at a lodge appropriately named “Open Heart”. It was a particularly strenuous lodge, and everyone was tired, hungry, and grateful for the brevity of the blessing and the generosity of the menu – there is, after all, no food like sweat lodge food.

As the meal and the afternoon wore on, a cake was brought in celebrating not only one of our group’s being awarded Teacher of the Year, but the joining of Marie and me as well.

The outpouring of affection has really been something to observe.  So many have wished us well, hugged us nearly to the point of breaking, and shown their love with cards, gifts and other gestures.

On one level, the joy expressed is that of a community coming together in love.  But on another, there’s something that just feels right when the Masculine and Feminine impulses come together.

I’m not talking about sexual preferences here.

I’m talking about something much more deeply-rooted than that.

We incorporated the sacred pipe into our ceremony.  We stood together on the Medicine Wheel, she carrying the bowl, and I the stem.  Grandfather Eddie accepted these symbols from us – symbols of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – and joined them together that the prayers of all might be carried to the Great Spirit on Eagle’s wings, wrapped in sacred smoke.

And so Earth and Sky came together.

At the very center of instances such as these, there’s a balance that resonates almost beyond words – an essence of pure Creativity that neither pulls nor pushes.  It simply exists, and for the good of all that is, that is enough. . .


10 Responses to “Mother Earth / Father Sky. . .”

  1. Congratulations! My heart sings for both of you! And good for Coyote, that wise foolish perfect One. May your life journey be filled with joy and may there be support aplenty when things are hard.



  2. Thank you, Michael. That’s very kind of you…


  3. And so it is, ancient words, timeless devotion, the dance of lovers, the laughter of friends.

    Bless you both



  4. Thanks, Martha.

    And thank you both for your example…


  5. michelle Carlino Says:

    Thank you….so beautiful and moving……you both clearly walk your talk……so much love to you both…..


  6. Your joined energy is so good I can feel, just reading your story.
    Hold tight this gift


  7. Thank you, All for your wonderful comments. It truly has been a blessing for us to find ourselves surronnded by such love. As within, so without…


  8. Ben and Marie,
    It is a delight to share in a celebration of your joyful love. thank you and congratulations. Even though I shared your cake and am honored to be named ‘Educator of The Year’, that happening pales in comparison to the love that exudes from you 2 as a team. That love is forever now part of the eternal circle of Creation [part of the co-created Spiral] and will bless many always. My prayer for you is that when the ‘rocky’ times occur that you quickly recall that ‘rocks’ are our most ancient teachers and that when you learn the lesson they come to teach you the thread of your love will become a cable of love, Love and Blessings to you


  9. Ben Hitchner Says:

    Dear Marie and Ben:

    You are each in your own way an inspiration. We appreciate your gifts.


  10. As we appreciate you and yours, Ben. Thank you…


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