Slowly, but. . .

In the true spirit of winter, I find myself withdrawing lately.  Looking inward.

It’s an odd feeling after the steady rush of activity that was these last several months.  I move a little slower these days.  My mind drifts a bit more.  And long hot baths have become an almost nightly occurrence. It’s good to relax and take the time to clean up my own spiritual back yard; to nourish myself on what took root in the spring.

The work I have been doing revolves around the house.  No major projects, much to my wife’s chagrin, but we started on the garage this morning, and the “Honey-do” list is dwindling, albeit slowly.

My spiritual practice also seems to be deepening.   While my journeys are less frequent, they are more impactful.  Grandfather Bear is asleep, after all, and it wouldn’t do to awaken him for frivolous reasons.

I’ve also recently completed my healing regalia. Or rather, I should say, Grandfather completed the regalia through my hands.  It’s been an interesting two and a half year process, and much wisdom has come about through working with my “bear skin”.

What started as a dialog between myself and a tutelary spirit has finally established itself in the physical world – and that is indeed the essence of what this path is all about.  We act as a bridge, a wire if you will, plugged into the Spirit world and the Physical.  The energy of the Creator flows through us and manifests here for the greatest good of all.

As I’ve heard so many times around the arbor and the lodge, “All we need to do is show up, and the work somehow gets done.” And there’s never any shortage of work, or energy to accomplish it.  “Ask Spirit for energy, and you’ll receive it,” our Dance Chief Kristen often tells us.  And so it comes – as much as needed – and enters the world that my people may live. . .


4 Responses to “Slowly, but. . .”

  1. Ben, my brother, such an uplifting experience to read your words of wisdom. Winter is my time of introspection with many journeys and much meditation.
    Congrats on your marriage to Marie. I feel such good energy when I look at your picture! I wish you both the best. I am hoping I get to meet her soon. The ceremony sounds absolutely perfect!


  2. Thanks, Hugh. Good to hear from you.
    Hope all’s well.


  3. Hi Ben,

    With the cold settling in for a few days, my desire to hibernate seems to be on the rise as well. A trip to Boston and family was enlivening, and the drive was long.

    There is, as you point out, always work. Spirit seems determined to fill our eager lives with opportunities for service. There is also much beauty in this wintry world. It sounds as though you are taking a few minutes to put aside the chores and notice the depth of your being and the gracious splendor of the world.

    As my teachers aged, they would tell me how important it seemed to them, to take time to just be, or to meditate (another just being). Now I understand that need a bit better.

    Enjoy the deep rest of the winter.


  4. Hi Michael,

    There is, indeed, much beauty in the wintry world. Growing up in Northeast, PA, there were long cold solitary walks through fields and forests, trees glazed with ice…now, years later, these are part of me, still.

    I’m beginning to appreciate the slowing down as well.

    Marie and I spent time with Grandfather Eddie and his wonderful wife Marhta yesterday afternoon – for no reason other than to chat, and share each other’s company over a hot bowl of soup and a slice of cornbread.

    Simple things are always best. Lately, I’ve really begun to realize this. Perhaps this is the greatest blessing of getting older. . .


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