An Open Letter to the Children of the Earth…

My Dearest Children and Grandchildren,

To those of you here at this moment, and those of you still waiting to be born; I apologize for writing this from such a confused and anguished place.  We as a people have squandered everything our predecessors put aside for us, and so we have nothing left to give you.

While this will be your burden: struggling beneath the crushing weight of an ever-increasing debt which not even your grandchildren will be able to resolve, it will also be your freedom.  For by coming to realize how stupid and reckless we were, you will be freed from the lunacy, greed, and fear that brought us to this place.

Do not waste your time and energy hating us for what we’ve done.  For it has been said, quite truthfully, that hatred is like swallowing poison and hoping that the other person dies.  Instead, learn from our mistakes, pity us if you must, forgive us if you can, and build upon the remains of everything we’ve torn down.

Be gentle with the Earth, and she will sustain you.

Care for her, and she will care for you.

Listen to her, and she will teach you everything you need to know about yourselves and those with whom you share her, be they two-legged or four, winged or finned, rooted  or wind-blown.

In our blind and insatiable quest for power, we have ravaged the Earth and torn away her secrets.  We have stolen her minerals, polluted the waters of her life-blood, burned her precious forests, and waged war against her children in the name of the Creator and material wealth.  And whenever we experienced a brief respite from this madness, rather than extending an open hand of friendship, or attempting  to bridge the gaps we’d so foolishly opened between ourselves, we hid behind our flags and erected monuments to our dead.

I do not ask you to understand the things that we have done.  I only ask that you move beyond them, listen to the true sound of your hearts, and find the courage to love and respect one another.  I pray that you and those who come after you will do the one thing which is the responsibility of every generation – yet seems to be the very thing upon which we have almost entirely turned our backs – I pray that you will work to leave this place a little better than it was when you found it.

To that end, I offer you these words.  I hope that at the very least, you will consider them.  We have moved the clock ahead.  Sadly, we have taken away your childhood before you ever came to experience its joys and wonders.  Like so many of us who’ve come from broken and dysfunctional homes, the roles have reversed, and the responsibility of parenthood falls to you.

Hold your leaders accountable for their actions.  Always remember that THEY work for YOU.  When this ceases to be the case, remind them of this fact.  If they continue to forget,   band together and remove them from office through peaceful resistance and acts of civil disobedience.  This is your right.  And their ranks are far less in number than yours.  The elite may have placed you at the bottom of the pyramid, but YOU support the entire structure.

And they will fear you.  And well they should.  For only you can decide how you should be governed.  And remember when you stand, that not only the eyes of your generation, but those of future generations as well, will be watching.

You have a difficult road ahead of you.  There is no way I can tell you anything else and be honest.  But for the sake of the Earth and all her children, you must place your feet firmly upon the Good Red Road and walk it.  Look to your Creator for support.   Extend a hand whenever a fellow traveler stumbles.

And be ever mindful that the decisions you make during  your lifetime will impact the lives of millions of others not yet even born while you’re making  them.

Know, Children, that not all of us have hidden our faces from the truth.  Some of us have rent the veil and cannot ever willingly be blinded again.  And we look to you as the cradle of a new life for the Earth and her inhabitants.

We do not expect you to act without making mistakes.  But we have faith that you will develop the wisdom to learn from them – and in doing so, begin to heal this beautiful planet and all her peoples of the damage we have so ruthlessly inflicted upon them.

With deepest gratitude, support and love,

Ben Jezierski

“Silver Bear”


4 Responses to “An Open Letter to the Children of the Earth…”

  1. Michael J. Melville Says:

    Well said. I too wish our way of living had been noticed by those around us.


  2. Thank you, Michael. With every passing day, it becomes clearer that we’re going to have to either help the next generation, or get out of their way.


  3. For some reason I did not receive a notice you had posted. The theme seems to be in the air (no pun intended). I am deeply grateful for your heart felt, deeply moving post . I hope the young folks, and the generations to come, will read your words and head them. I also hope they will understand the problems must be solved by the group, as no one person is allowed to solve them alone.



  4. “I also hope they will understand the problems must be solved by the group, as no one person is allowed to solve them alone.”

    An interesting perspective here. When stated as “no one is capable of solving them alone” it seems to focus on a single person’s inability to function alone due to lack of power. The way you put it, however, ispeaks of interdependence as an inherant rule of the system.

    Viewed from this angle, one could say that the issues we’re seeing today are as much a reminder of, as a result of, our failure to cooperate.

    Have current conditions come about because of our refusal to work together, or to teach us to discover ways to do so? The difference between the two may be subtle, but considering it could bring us to the heart of the issue…


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