The Elders come to visit me in my sleep.

Mud Runner, a Medicine man with long grey hair swept back across his forehead by a red bandanna shows me the proper way to pour tobacco and cornmeal around the Wheel;  teaches me to drink tobacco water to enter sacred space.

The next night I wake up chanting.  The vision of an African man with short-cropped hair and steel gray eyes escorts me to the waking world on currents of whispered syllables.

We live in a world where sacred cattle are slaughtered.  Where millions starve and social programs are shut down to fund the ever-increasing threat of global war.  Our children’s lunches come from laboratories, and the oceans blacken with oil.  Chemical spills and nuclear mishaps poison the Earth and the Sky.  And the wealthy retreat to their enclaves and wait for the storm to pass.

The system is broken, and there’s nothing we can ever do to fix it.

We’ve swallowed the lies for so long now that most of us have become fat and lazy.  We stretch and yawn a bit whenever something taps against the window, but rather than investigate, we shift our eyes back to the screen and wait for the commercial to end.

We bury ourselves in other men’s dreams and pay them for the privilege.

And yet the Elders visit me in my Sleep. . .


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  1. Michael J. Melville Says:

    Check out Ernest Callenbach’s Last Words at


  2. I am so g;ad you were/are visited! I, have felt them the last couple of nights. Indeed, last night they came, although I no longer remember what they said. Somehow I was left with a sense of continuity, even in the face of disaster. I find myself wondering what I may be next time; how to be helpful. So many layers. I wonder how we will turn these visits into teachings – oh, you already have!


  3. Sounds like they’ve been pretty active lately. Perhaps they want us to know that even though a symbol of their presence has been taken away with the killing of the White Buffalo, they’re still here. Or perhaps they want to make sure that all ties have not been cut, and that some of us are still listyening. either way, they’ve most definitely been reaching out.

    I’m very happy you’ve been so honored. . .


  4. I will shortly be posting an article on my blog. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, because your writing is introspective and makes me think. Continue your good work.


  5. Thank you, Julie marie. I’m honored…


  6. hello, i’d like to say i enjoyed reading your words…but although very beautiful i’m not sure enjoyed is the right word. i just wanted to say something…because it rings true and touches deeply. thankyou for sharing.


  7. reading back what i said here, now, it sounds vey blunt..sorry..i didnt intend it to be. it wasnt well expressed, i’m menaing the subject matter thats not enjoyable..the way we can hurt our mother earth and each other. your post itself is a pleasure to read. i enjoy reading your blog. thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind thoughts. peace and blessings to you too…


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