Looking Northward. . .

Today is July, 9th.  In 10 days I’ll be stepping into the arbor again for the Sun Moon dance at Birdsong Peace Chamber in Pottstown, PA.  Perhaps “stepping into” isn’t really appropriate, for I feel as though I’ve never completely stepped out.

This will be my fourth Sun Moon dance.  As the directions go, I’ll be dancing in the North, the place of spiritual healing, where the blessings of our visions are received.  I can’t even begin to predict what that might mean – not that I’d even attempt to in the first place.

Those who routinely read this blog have probably noticed a recurrent theme of late.  Over the last few months, I’ve been blessed with several important dreams, journeys, and visions during which I’ve found myself in the presence of indigenous Elders.  This, I’m sure, is not unrelated to the direction of the upcoming dance, because the North is also the place of Wisdom, and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who carry it.

I’ve also noticed, for the last several months, that my heart is beginning to open in ways I can only describe as “magical”.  When the Monkey Mind starts chattering away and rattling the bars of its cage,   I find myself sinking into love, or rather, allowing the love that’s always there to move through me and out into the world.  With this the mind falls silent, and contentment floods in to fill the empty space.

I’m grateful for the teachings I’ve received, and ask only to become a hollow bone; that their wisdom and light might flow through this body and out into the world that the People may live…


4 Responses to “Looking Northward. . .”

  1. Welcome in The Divine/The Ultimate Being/The Source of All is always an awesome experience…or, more correctly, series of experiences. You are truly living the life of a conduit. That is, indeed, magical. Blessings to you!!


  2. Thanks, Terry.

    It seems to be flowing more frequently and more intensely these days. Almost as if the energy creates a larger and larger opening as it passes through – removes the spiritual placque, if you will. . .


  3. May Spirit settle upon you as you give to all of us in the Arbor. We are grateful for your generosity of spirit and being.


  4. Thank you, Michael. It’s an honor and a blessing to be there. As I’ve heard so many times, we simply show up, and somehow the work gets done…


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