How many times have I used that name when referring to the Creator during personal prayer, Pipe Ceremonies, and Sweat Lodges?

How many times have I stood in ceremony, arms raised, calling down the power of the Great Mystery?

Every time, I have felt His presence.  But today, something has changed.  This morning, as I raised my arms and called out to the Creator, I felt not like a man calling down his God, but like a child, reaching up for the loving arms of his Grandfather.

I don’t think I can put into words exactly how profound a shift this is.  The experience has left me with the ability to recognize the Divinity in everyone and everything around me.  And as I do, that child inside me reaches out and finds himself embracing it with every fiber of his being. . .


2 Responses to “Grandfather…”

  1. Ben, that moment sounds luscious. To know one is held in love is a great and immeasurable gift.


  2. Thanks, Michael. It’s still sending sending ripples through the pond…


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