This could get interesting. . .

(for my Laughing Brother)

“Eureka’s just Greek for this bath’s too hot!”

-Doctor Who

So, I’m sitting in the bath tub listening to US Bombs “The World”, which is, of course, the way every profound evening of thinking begins; and it suddenly dawns on me that anything anyone does is nothing more than an idea using that person to express itself here in the physical world.


…including this idea itself.

Then, once the idea enters the world, it vibrates at a certain frequency and rubs up against other objects (i.e. people). And if that object’s energy level rises to the same frequency, then that object expresses that same idea as well.  Take for example my recent attempt to single-handedly elect Gary Johnson President on Facebook.  It was not too long ago, I didn’t even know who the Hell Gary Johnson was.  Now the idea is running through me and out into the world courtesy of my Facebook page.

“So how can anyone ever make a conscious decision about anything?” I thought (I was a bachelor for a long time before I got married, so I’ve gotten pretty good at holding court with myself).

“The ego does that,” a small voice answered.  “When a vibration comes at you, it’s comprised of different frequencies.  The ego decides which one of the frequencies to tune into.”


So pick whichever one feels best, and go with it.”

“But that’s just an idea expressing itself into the physical world through me, too.  How does somebody ever get away from that?”

“What do you do when you work with a patient?” the voice asked.

“Just let go and let Spirit take over.”

“Then, just do that.”



“But, isn’t that just another idea expressing itself into the world through me?” I asked.

“Exactly,” the small voice answered…


2 Responses to “This could get interesting. . .”

  1. I struggle with this all the time. I want the best for the world, and have IDEAS about what that might be. When I relax, which seems to happen infrequently of late, I can feel joy and assume there are bigger forces at work than my ego can fathom. Sometimes that helps.


  2. Yep. It seems to be all about the idea of being a conduit. Realizing that all ideas are a vision of one type or another. Ulitmately, no vision we receive is ours alone. We simply carry it for the good of our people…


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