Ascension Dream. . .

Up until two nights ago I hadn’t slept well for almost a week.  I should have realized something was up, because my irregular bouts of not sleeping are often broken by highly vivid dreams or visions.  This time was no exception. I sat with this for a bit and told no one because I wanted to give it time to sink in…to “let it cook” for a while, as an Elder once told me.  Now, I feel, I can effectively speak about it.

In the dream, my wife Marie and I are sitting in a darkened room amongst a circle of women.  I’m beginning to feel out of place here, like this is a gathering specifically for women, and I should leave.  In the center of the room, lying on the floor is a woman who’s requested healing from the group.  A few of the women are on their hands and knees over the woman lying on the floor.  I understand that they’re placing their wombs over her, (representing the unlimited creative potential of “The Spirit Within”), to allow them to act as a gateway for the healing energy to pass through them and manifest itself within the woman’s body.

As I witness this, I really start to feel like an intruder.  I’m convinced that this is a mystery belonging to women only, and that, out of respect, I should leave.

At this point, the woman at the head of the circle, a friendly, maternal woman in her 50’s or 60’s comes over to me and invites me into the back room with her.  We sit on opposite sides of a large desk and begin to talk.  Behind her, on a set of bookshelves are a large number of sculpted frogs (representing transformation), the largest of which is a fountain with water running out of a frog’s mouth.

She begins to tell me about a woman who was there recently who was a well-known spiritual leader.  She tells me that her people went to a lot of trouble building sets for the woman and that, after her lecture, she took the sets with her and paid the people who built them 3 dollars per piece.  The older woman is very disappointed in the lack of respect that their guest had shown for the people who did all the work.  (I feel like I’m receiving a warning here to be wary of fraudulent teachers, and those who are only into it for the money and the fame.)

Suddenly, I’m aware of the sound of rain.  I look out through a screen door which has appeared in the back wall, and see a herd of goats trying to get in out of the rain.  The woman just sits there talking to me, ignoring the goats.  Suddenly the rain turns into marble-sized hail.  The goats are getting pounded, but she continues to ignore them. (This, I interpret to mean that some people just won’t get it until it’s way too late.  I think the notion of  “separating the sheep from the goats” here is pretty accurate.)

Then, the ground begins to rumble, and through the back door I see a wave of earth rolling towards us, shaking the building.  “What was that?” I ask.

“An earthquake,” she answers.

I watch as the wave ripples past, and soon an enormous mountain peak bursts up through the ground, sending another shockwave through the building.

We get up and go to a window on the left wall.  Through the window, I see a gigantic archetypal male form in a fetal position beginning to unfold and rise up on its back into the air. The form is composed of energy, and I’m aware that this means that the Ascension is taking place; that the energy form represents the male-oriented consciousness of the current society, and that it is finally is beginning to reach a higher spiritual level.

I’m also aware of thinking that I should go and wake up my mother, so she doesn’t miss this.  I’m torn, because I also don’t want to leave while this is happening.  Then I realize that even though my mother is asleep, if she’s meant to ascend, she will.

I turn to the older woman and say,” It’s finally happening…It’s finally happeing!”

She smiles.

Next, I see a building all done up in gaudy neon lights, similar to the Luxor casino in Vegas.  From it rises a looming male figure (a cheap neon imitation of the figure I’d seen earlier) ascending towards the sky as crowds of people gather to watch.  It feels hokey, and I keep saying, “This isn’t real…this isn’t happening…”  The woman looks sternly at me, and I add, ”What we’re seeing here…THIS isn’t real.”

She smiles again, and says something like, “Be sure you say that.”

I look up and see a second moon forming in the sky.  The second moon is blurry, as if out of focus.  The second moon  comes into focus and shrinks down to the size of a star.  When it does, a red circle of energy forms around both, and the whole construct streaks across the sky to stop over what I know is New York City.  When it does, waves and waves of fireworks and flames shoot upwards from Manhattan, forming what looks like a mushroom cloud.  I know instantly that what I’m seeing is taking place on a spiritual level, and that it isn’t a nuclear attack.

Suddenly, it’s no longer nighttime.  From the looming mushroom cloud, a billow of smoke forms into an enormous, ghastly looking fly and swoops down towards me.  I’m unafraid, and I hear a voice in my head – my own – saying, “it will appear to some people as a fly.”  (I know in the dream that I’m remembering a prophecy that I read.  The prophecy indicated that most people will only perceive the physical events taking place around them, and will miss the spiritual implications completely. )

Now I walk away from the window.  I meet my mother walking in her sleep.  Her body is bent at an odd angle, and her hair is white and straight with short bangs. When I wake her up, her hair becomes curly and gray, and her eyes turn a golden yellow / brown.

Now we’re in the basement of the place.  It’s a cavernous basement many floors deep.  Here and there are the remains of white brick walls.  The floors have been ripped out, and the older woman who talked with me  is going about some kind of ritual work.  As she does this, a group of young men come in.  One drives a vehicle adorned with snow fence and pieces of junk made to resemble some kind of fantasy creature (or maybe a triceratops).  Another, dressed in a barbarian costume swings a heavy sword at it.  The third man, also dressed in fantasy style (black leathers and green quilted vest) gets run over by the vehicle. (This, I interpret as our getting lost in entertainment, video games, and movies while the world crumbles around us.  We escape into other people’s dreams as our own fall away.)

After this, Marie and I are walking through the streets of a city that is filled with trash, but almost completely devoid of people. Ahead of us, in the distance, is the mushroom cloud.  I stop and grab a paper from a newsstand.  The headline reads, “A City on Fire.”  I page through the paper and the newsy, an Iranian man, tells me to put it down and grab another one, the reading copy, to look through.  As I open to the title story, I see photos of mutilated corpses.  These are undercover cops who’ve been working on infiltrating the New York Mob and have had their cover blown.

This confirms for me that the events I’ve been witnessing have taken place on two levels. On one, it’s a spiritual ascension.  On the second level, the city is beginning to devour itself, and the average man, embroiled in the media hyped crap and petty struggles of the day, has missed the whole thing.

I set the paper down (I don’t “buy it”), and Marie and I resume our walk toward the mushroom cloud.  I’m aware that my perception of the city is metaphorical, and that even though to me it seems almost completely deserted and overrun with trash,  to the ones who haven’t ascended, it appears the same as it always has.  I turn to Marie and say, “How can I go back after this?”

She looks at me and says, “you can’t.”

It is at this point that I wake up.

I’m still sitting with this, but even after this short a time, I know this to be a life altering (and affirming) dream.  I’m sure there are implications here which will affect me for a long time to come…



2 Responses to “Ascension Dream. . .”

  1. Hi Ben, I imagine now is the time of BIG dreams. You were visited and I am glad for you. So much is afoot in the world, and we do not know for sure how things will turn out. Perhaps destruction and renewal are simply two versions of the same thing. We shall see.


  2. Thanks, Michael.

    I believe they are. We’ve all heard the metaphors time and again…”You can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs.” “What the caterpillar calls death, the master calls a butterfly.”… But I sincerely believe there’s more than a grain of truth to all this.

    To be frank, I watch the media and all those swayed by it acting like maggots feeding of the corpse of a system they don’t even know is dead. (HINT: It’s called “PROGRAMMING” for a reason).

    National politics has devolved into two kids standing in the center of a playground punching each other in the shoulder to see who’s going to flinch first, only nobody wants to back down because their friends are watching. But what most people won’t bother digging around long enough to discover is the simple fact that both kids are backed by the same posse.

    The “News” on the log-in page of my IPS consists of the latest celebrity body parts and articles about how much so and so’s mansion costs while all over this country people are sleeping on storm grates.

    Our police stand watch over legal unarmed protests decked out like Roman Centurians, and our every move is photographed by flying drones and traffic light cameras.

    We can bury ourselves in all this crap, or we can tune into the ever-present silence behind it all and let it remind us of what’s really important. We can open ourselves to the Creator and be the change we want to see in the world, or we can open ourselves to the ever-growing stream of sewage, and drown in it.

    We can welcome the apparent chaos as a necessary prelude to an even more necessary change, or we can see it as “just the way things are”, and ride along with it until the wheels fall off.

    The choice is entirely up to us, but only one option leaves behind a viable world for those who come after us.

    Either way, the system is dead. It’s time to stop wasting valuable resources on CPR and bury it for good so we can begin to build something new that serves the greater good…


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