Very Inspiring Blogger Award. . .


I was very honored to open my e-mail yesterday afternoon and find that I’d been nominated. My writing has always been a blessing to me. Many years ago, it expressed itself as poetry, and served as the best form of exorcism for many dark things I’d been carrying around for a long, long time.

Now, I find myself dealing more in prose these days. As something of a Luddite – ironic considering my Technical Trainer day job – I never figured on helming a blog. I say helming, because the words that come to me are born out of Grandfather’s Inspiration. I simply try as best as I may to navigate their course.

I am not the wellspring of the river; but simply a conduit through which its water passes before moving on hopefully to those who are in need of it.

I want to express my deep felt thanks to Tiffany at Narrative Ecopsychology for her kindness in nominating this blog…


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