A Matter of the Heart…

How can one find proper words to adequately describe the opening of one’s heart?

In healing work – especially when dealing with intrusions of a spiritual nature – one learns quickly that one must take precautions to guard one’s self against possible invasion – or worse yet, possession.  One calls upon one’s Allies for protection, and steps forward into the abyss trusting that they will be there when they are needed.

For such a practitioner, the opportunity to open completely and without concern is more than a gift…it is a blessing; and such was the blessing I received in the arbor at the Sun / Moon dance.

I became aware, as my hands first touched the Tree, of a downward flow of energy, like a steady but gentle rain, entering my heart.  This divinely feminine energetic movement is what Grandfather Joseph refers to as “The Descending Light”.

As I turned from the tree, I felt the energy flowing outward from a heart filled almost beyond capacity, and entering the entirety of Creation, that the People might live.

From Thursday evening until the Dance was called on Sunday morning, I experienced this inhalation and exhalation of love every time I approached and left the solitary Maple at the center of the arbor.   And while the intensity and beauty of such a thing cannot be captured by words alone, its true impact continues to express itself from day to day in the simplest of revelations, one of which I will now share with you.

A couple of days after the dance, my wife and I sat down at the table to eat.  We held hands, as we always do, and bowed our heads in silent gratitude for those who sacrificed to bring the meal to our table.  We’ve done this for pretty much every meal we’ve eaten together, but this time it dawned on me that partaking of this meal was dancing to the Tree to receive the Descending Light; and that our actions, fueled by its energy, were simply that light flowing out into the Universe for the greatest good of All Our Relations.   I also understood   that the difference between the flowing in and flowing out was simply a matter of perspective, and that one could in no way exist without the other.  Outward and inward, giving and receiving, Masculine and Feminine:  all these impulses depended merely upon one’s location in the process.  One claims nothing.  One is simply the gateway through which the energy flows; the lens through which the Divine Light is focused.

Realizing this, one learns to see the world in a different way.  One’s occupation with the darker energies begins to dissipate.  One certainly is still aware – and needs to be – of the negative forces at work within the world; but now instead of obsessively railing against them, one begins to perceive them simply as places into which the Light has yet to flow.  And having understood this, one comes to know one’s self as Blessed for having been chosen as a vessel of that Light…


4 Responses to “A Matter of the Heart…”

  1. snickers tc Says:

    Thanks for honoring me by walking together on this path. Love you bunches, xoxox Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 14:01:06 +0000 To: snickerstclown@hotmail.com


  2. And thank you for your dance…and your words by he fire the other night.


  3. What a blessing to be touched by the tree! How wonderful to share with one’s beloved. So good to make every meal a ceremony. Thank you.


  4. Thanks, Michael.

    It was – and continues to be – a very special dance…


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