For what it’s worth. . .

So much anger and hatred these days…Sadly, I, too, have fallen victim to it in the past. Being human, I quite probably will do so again somewhere down the line. But the truth of the matter, whether we’re ready to admit it or not, is that those of us who’ve been called “healers”, even with all of our human frailties intact, MUST strive to provide an example of forgiveness. We must remember that we are the conduits through which all work – positive or negative – becomes manifest. And while it would be very easy to get bogged down in the emotional detritus of the daily news and strike out in blind rage, we must be ready to walk the harder road of compassion…IN ACTION.

A teacher of mine once told me, “Never trust a healer who doesn’t limp.” Healing isn’t about perfection…it’s about progress…slow, incremental transformation. This means bearing compassionate witness to the old crap as it comes to the surface and allowing ourselves…and others…the sacred space in which to work it out.

Lately I’ve seen some very compassionate individuals become so enraged by the mistreatment of others that they, too, have begun to advocate violence. And while I cannot, or would not, offer them the disrespect of speaking for them, I truly know that their anger comes from a place of love, and a deep knowledge that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS.

While protecting one’s self and loved ones is a necessary thing, it should be glaringly obvious by now that this world cannot be healed at the barrel of a gun. The so-called “War to End All Wars” proved that.

I don’t come here providing any answers. I only know that performing an act of of compassion is like casting a small pebble in hopes of starting an avalanche. Because the results might not be readily observed, this requires a great deal of faith; something which seems to be sorely lacking these days, if one truly accepts the apparent writing on the wall as cannon.

So perhaps the true nature of our mission then is simply this: to keep the guttering flame of faith alive in a time of apparent darkness and chilling wind, to utilize that flame through acts of compassion in a way that provides light and heat to others in the dark places of this world, and, when the time comes, to pass that flame along to those who come after us that they might do the same…


7 Responses to “For what it’s worth. . .”

  1. This is vintage Standing West! Excellent and a timely reminder to me, too, who has been subject to paroxysms of ‘holy anger.’


  2. Thanks, Bee. Been itching to write something lately. Saw an elder applaud violent retribution online recently, and it got me thinking it was about time.


  3. I love this: A teacher of mine once told me, “Never trust a healer who doesn’t limp.” Thanks.


  4. Hi Ben, Lovely. I was reminded of an old Tom Lehrer song, the name of which escapes me. He says, “I know there are people who do not love their fellow men and I hate people like that!” So human! LOL! Still working on it…..


  5. Ben, I am beginning to wonder whether the level of violence in our lives is reaching the point of no return. Very disturbing. Still, we do our best, eh? Much warmth and respect.


  6. Thank you Michael, and to you as well.

    While I can’t join the ranks of complacent navel gazers and become Pollyanna about it, I can’t help feeling in my heart of hearts that the things we’re currently bearing witness to are simply old issues, long buried and festering in the dark, finding their way into the light of awareness.

    It would appear that, for the sake of those who come after us, we have but two choices:

    1) Stand strong and act as examples of what it means to become the instruments of our own healing.
    2) Die off with the rest of the chaff so that those who follow us can start again fresh.

    It seems to me that our responsibility falls along the first line of action…Will we be strong enough? Will we be compassionate enough?

    My sincere prayer is that even if we’re not willing to change, our children and theirs will at least be able learn from the negative examples we’ve provided, and throw their energy into healthier endeavors.



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