Still alive.

Still digging.

Moles and bats keeping me company as I finish the yard work with the setting of the sun. Chopping wood. Picking tomatoes. Watering the raspberry canes. The strawberries are in and the garlic hangs in the crawlspace.

Attention turns to preparation for the long journey within. Shadowy things, for decades labelled “enemy” are finally called to dance their wisdom to the steady beat of the drum, while the body opens itself to the lesson.

Our elders are walking a little slower these days; backing away from the lodge and the sacred dance. The paths they’ve followed open earnestly before us; summoning our feet to their first few furtive steps…


One Response to “7/31/2014”

  1. Yes, certainly seem to be walking more slowly and dancing less. Maybe teaching more, or at least deeper.


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