I have walked on rose petals. . .

There’s a lot of anger and hatred in the world these days. Perhaps it’s escalated, or perhaps, because of the speed at which information now becomes available due to the Internet and the myriad devices which utilize it, we are simply more aware.

War, murder, bigotry, pedophilia, religious colonization, the hoarding of wealth, the raping of the planet and the indigenous peoples who walk upon her…the litany of offenses stretches on – seemingly forever.

It’s easy to understand the angry and sometimes violent response provoked by these occurrences; as a people, we are often goaded into action by the basest of our emotions. And while we might be able to justify these actions in the name of some higher purpose, one simple fact remains: violent conflict as a means of ending violent conflict only brings about more violent conflict.

In the midst of all this negativity, we are faced with one simple choice: Do we come to the aid of those oppressed from a place of love? Or do we lash out at the “enemy” from a place of anger? One of these paths is true compassion; the other merely hatred thinly veiled.

“First you get angry,” the old adage says, but what you do with your anger is up to you; for as the words of another old saying tell us, “hatred is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person dies.” The more we hate, the more the light within us dims; and by extension, the darker the world becomes.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I only ask that before lashing out in anger we take a moment to consider those most deeply afflicted by a given set of circumstances and ask ourselves the following question: “What do THEY need?” Do THEY really need their infrastructure bombed into irradiated dust to rid them of their oppressors? Do THEY really need their traditions destroyed in the name of democracy and material wealth? Would Jesus or any of the other prophets really want someone beaten into submission in order that they might learn to praise his name?

It has been said that energy follows intent and form follows energy. If there’s any truth to this, then the motivations behind our actions will breed true in their results. We are here not only as wardens, but as co-creators. Our external nightmares are nothing more than the physical manifestations of our internal ones. Perhaps it’s time we found the courage to carry a little light into our own corner of the world, lest we continue casting shadows upon the rest of Her…


2 Responses to “I have walked on rose petals. . .”

  1. Wonderful! I posted this on my FaceBook page today. Please tell “Pumpkin'” (a.k.a. Marie) hello for me. Please let her know that I’ll write a chatty note soon. I’ve had a few not so great days, and I’m doing more reading than writing. Love, Peace, and Grace to both of you! Lee


  2. Thank you, Lee. We appreciate your being here.

    Many blessings and be well.


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