The challenge of love…

Many years ago, I was speaking with a cousin of mine whom I deeply respected and loved as an older brother. He was the father of two children and was telling me his views on parenthood. “My job,” he said, “is to draw a circle around my kids. As they come up to the edge of it, I push them back into the center until I see that they’re strong enough to step outside of it. When they do, I welcome them into their new world and repeat the process all over again.” Even though I may not remember the words he said 100% verbatim, I have never forgotten the gist of what he told me.

While sitting in a particularly difficult sweat lodge this past weekend, I found myself at odds with the heat. Suddenly, my cousin’s words came back to me and my suffering broke into a moment of realization. The difficulties we face in life are simply the arms of God wrapped around us in order that we might push against them and find the strength to grow beyond the space that they allow us.

This does not mean that Spirit is a cruel and sadistic entity who repeatedly confines us to a place of suffering for his own amusement. On the contrary; it implies that Spirit not only provides us the challenges we need to grow, but embraces us completely throughout the process


4 Responses to “The challenge of love…”

  1. Beautiful, Baby…Love you bunches….xoxo


  2. Ben, I’m thinking this is true.It is also true that we are here to challenge those who harm others. I suspect it is almost impossible for most of us humans to hold both of these at once.

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    • Perhaps, in a sense, all of these things are challenges and opportunities for growth…for those who cause harm to step beyond their tendencies to do so…for those of us who observe it to act with compassion towards the perpetrators of that harm and those against whom they commit it…and for those who receive it to grow beyond a perspective of victimhood and find strength and light within it.

      I don’t know. It’s obviously easier debated about than done….


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