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And so…

Posted in Autumn, dreams, Forgiveness, Healing, Initiation, Medicine Wheel, poetry on November 9, 2016 by Standing West

We get the government we deserve…

It is decades of greed, arrogance, fear mongering, laziness, stubbornness, bigotry, Jingoism,unbridled Nationalism, and our refusal to play a larger role in our own governance that have led us to this place.

And now that we’re here, what will we do? Will we, as a people hunker down and learn the hard lessons? Will we wake up? Become more politically involved? Learn the power of protest? Change the system that spawned this entire affair? Will we look deeply into the soul of this country and pray for the courage to admit and accept the sickness there? Will we do whatever is necessary to bring about its healing?

Or will we continue on same as before: asses glued to couches and bar stools; bitching about how “the system is rigged” and how “we can’t change anything…”

All the while ignoring the fact that WE are the ones who’ve allowed this to happen.

And yet a soft rain falls. Grackles and starlings peck the earth for a last few seeds before the first snows come. The rain feeds us. Washes away the dust of what came before. It brings life, and assures us green…in time.

We stand in the place of work and responsibility. The time of gathering in what we have sewn.  Soon we will eat of it; letting it carry us through the long dark of winter.

We’ll sleep in our thoughts and plan for spring.

But what will we do when the snow melts and the rivers flow again?


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And so it is:
golds and browns
giving way to sleepy greens
and grays tinged with blue.

On days like this
even the rain is meditation.

We’re called to these things.

And as we rise to meet them,
they become us;
or rather,
they fold us into themselves,
so that after a while one fails to notice
the difference
between the service
and the one who serves…

Very Inspiring Blogger Award. . .

Posted in poetry, Shamanism, Spirituality on June 24, 2013 by Standing West


I was very honored to open my e-mail yesterday afternoon and find that I’d been nominated. My writing has always been a blessing to me. Many years ago, it expressed itself as poetry, and served as the best form of exorcism for many dark things I’d been carrying around for a long, long time.

Now, I find myself dealing more in prose these days. As something of a Luddite – ironic considering my Technical Trainer day job – I never figured on helming a blog. I say helming, because the words that come to me are born out of Grandfather’s Inspiration. I simply try as best as I may to navigate their course.

I am not the wellspring of the river; but simply a conduit through which its water passes before moving on hopefully to those who are in need of it.

I want to express my deep felt thanks to Tiffany at Narrative Ecopsychology for her kindness in nominating this blog…


Posted in Inspirational, poetry, prayer, Spirituality on September 27, 2012 by Standing West

6 o’clock

on a Thursday morning;

and a heavy bank of thunder clouds

pisses rain against the windshield.


Lightning paints the sky

electric blue

and neon pink,

as songs of broken love

and drunken revelry

leap from the speakers

and wedge themselves

into the spaces

between my thoughts.


I sense a certain kinship here;

not because

of where I am right now,

but because I remember

exactly where I was

when I bought the disk.


The words stir up

a little less dust these days;

and I realize

I have only my Grandfather

to thank for that…

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